The Bread

Bread and Beyond's core activity is making and delivering fresh, nutritious sandwiches to shelters that support people experiencing homelessness in Montreal. This activity creates the pathway that connects the community to the shelters, it fosters engagement, increases awareness and advocacy and is an indispensable part of our mission and identity.

How We Do This

For Bread and Beyond, the creation and delivery of sandwiches is achieved by 'crowd sourcing' through a robust network of incredible volunteers We have created a framework that allows all those involved to contribute in a way which is practical, flexible and fulfilling. Following our strict hygiene guidelines, individual volunteers of all ages make sandwiches at home and drop them off at a central location. We meet as group every week to make sandwiches. Schools and universities, places of worship, workplaces and scout groups all work with us to make sandwiches for people experiencing homelessness and hunger in Montreal.


Average number of sandwiches delivered per week thanks to the support of our amazing volunteers and partners.

Moving into a place after 2 years in shelters is incredible but also unsettling. These boxes have relieved such a stress of my shoulders. They've allowed me to settle nicely and comfortably.  I am immensely grateful I had the chance to receive them and I want to thank anyone who was involved in the process

Box recipient

Thanks to Bread and Beyond, hundreds of homeless people are able to get sandwiches on a daily basis through the Old Brewery Mission. With most meal services being closed off because of COVID-19, sandwiches are getting handed out in quantities like never before.

Old Brewery Mission / Bread

Also, the health measures imposed by the pandemic meant that we had to reduce the reception capacity of our centre. We now have a team of intervention workers going out to meet the people who need to stay outside. They can now distribute food also to these vulnerable people more quickly and easily.

The Open Door Montreal / Bread

Every week like clockwork [Bread and Beyond] provides us with sandwiches that our participants rely on to get them through the evenings and weekends when our active services are not available. The amount of labor and time that they save us each day allows us to provide the highest standard of hot and hearty meals for our breakfast and lunch services. It is hard to imagine how we would be able to keep up with this demand without the amazing generosity of time, labor and spirit that Bread and Beyond provides us every single week, and we are just one organization that they contribute towards.

Resilience Montreal / Bread

Over the past few months we have had some troubles with our kitchen and also some last minute emergencies and the Bread and Beyond team has always been there to help! This invaluable boost has enabled us on several occasions to continue our operations without interruption of service in terms of food service. Bread and Beyond is an important and extremely essential partner within our community.

St-Micheals / Bread