Our community partners need your support. 

Here is how you can help!

The needs of the shelters we work with are always changing and vary depending on season and shelter. 

Inappropriate and unwanted donations lead to 1000s of wasted hours by shelter staff each year.  It also takes up precious storage space and leads to waste.

Make sure your donations can have the greatest positive impact by following these donation guidelines. 

donated running shoes


Discover our NeedSeeker Platform! 

The NeedSeeker shows you the items currently needed by the shelters we support. 

Working closely with the shelters we update the page every month- so you can be sure that you are donating exactly what is needed. You can search by the item you have to donate or by the shelter you wish to donate to. 

You can drop off the items either with us at the address on our contacts page or you can drop them directly at the shelters. 

Please take note of the locations and times for donations.