Connecting communities to the reality and needs of people experiencing and at risk of homelessness.

The Bread

Bread and Beyond's core activity is making and delivering fresh, nutritious sandwiches to shelters in Montreal. This activity creates the pathway that connects the community to the shelters, it fosters community engagement, increases awareness and advocacy and is an indispensable part of our mission and identity.

sandwich bread
bundle of donation sandwiches
sandwich preparation

The Beyond

The making and delivery of sandwiches creates a pathway for frequent communication with the shelters. We use this pathway to inform our community about the current and most urgent needs at the shelters. This provides people with an impactful way to connect and respond while creating important learning opportunities about the homelessness situation in our city.

donation box
donation tshirts
live fundraiser

Our impact


Average number of sandwiches delivered per week thanks to the support of our amazing volunteers and partners. 


Shelters in Montreal supported by regular deliveries of fresh sandwiches Monday to Friday. 


schools supported our work during 2022


Essentials Boxes (kitchen, grocery, cleaning, bedroom and bathroom) delivered to people moving out of homelessness in 2022.